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30th-Jun-2010 10:03 pm
x. vintage (red girl)
I have found myself in a good mood lately. Not to sound over dramatic or anything, but it's honestly kinda weird to realize I'm happy!

I would really like to lay in my bed and cuddle.
26th-May-2010 04:15 pm
x. vintage (red girl)

I want to go to a carnival/fair of some sort. At night time. With bright lights, colorful signs, twisty jingly music, sweet, salty, and just generally bad for you food. Play lots of games and win prizes that consist of big stuffed animals I don't really need. Ride rides that are not entirely safe for you to ride, but are still fun.

23rd-May-2010 03:42 am
x. bubbles (snuggle)
I made it through my first year of college :D I'm very proud of myself. I'm taking two weeks off, then coming back to take a summer math class and work at my regular ol' printing job.

I just got done doing laundry in between watching Slumdog Millionaire with Stephanie in the basement. Our elevator is broken (very convenient, seeing as we are all moving out at the moment!) so we had to lug our laundry up the stairs. What a workout D:


Jazzy Nights - It's like a prom, but college-y and nobody cares as muchCollapse )
22nd-Apr-2010 11:46 am
x. cute (bear)
Okay, so the LoudTwitter thing got really old really fast D:

Here's some really good sushi I had a while ago. It had a bit too much sauce on it, but it was still delicious. It was eel and a crispy crab roll. the crab was kinda weird, but in a good way XD

21st-Apr-2010 12:05 pm - And she's here! Tweeting! ALIVE!
x. vintage (red girl)

16:44 Got two cute skirts at Goodwill and a little cami top. Brown is involved. :O #

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20th-Apr-2010 12:04 pm - And she's here! Tweeting! ALIVE!
x. vintage (red girl)

12:24 this week is quickly filling up with appointments. #

19:00 After I go walk a few miles, then I'll nap. #

23:55 Ended up not napping. Getting some homework out of the way and THEN delicious sleep! #

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19th-Apr-2010 12:06 pm - And she's here! Tweeting! ALIVE!
x. vintage (red girl)

15:10 Agghh. I hate how when you sleep too much you can never get awake T_T #

23:45 Suddenly overwhelmed with stress. This isn't good for my mind, soul, or skin. I need a hug. #

23:45 @revlt Following you on tumblr! I'm erythrocyte #

00:23 To calm myself I plan out my outfit for tomorrow. Mreh. I'm such a girl. #

00:24 @c10udy I've read Library of Babel! Wooo! #

07:57 I just hope my extremely low ipod batteriers make it through the day #

09:07 This new pen writes really smooth. #

09:08 Girl in this lounge needs to turn her music down. She has headphones in and i can hear it from where im sitting! #

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18th-Apr-2010 12:03 pm - And she's here! Tweeting! ALIVE!
x. vintage (red girl)

14:55 "Can we go take a shower?...That didn't sound gay at all." - Jessica #

18:14 Listening to irish folk music at Main St Cafe! #

18:37 'I hope you laughed out loud at your fancy yankee colored allowing cafe'- Jake Roberts #

00:34 late night tacos and spaghetti with Jess :D #

00:35 Spaghetti? This late? Hmm. dailybooth.com/u/2lc6k #

00:40 Q:Do you ever want to get married? :) A:Not really, but I don't know ;x if I got married I... formspring.me/parachuteface/q/441513488 #

02:27 @coreyylewis I didn't have any of Jessica's but it smelled so good! #

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17th-Apr-2010 12:02 pm - And she's here! Tweeting! ALIVE!
x. vintage (red girl)

13:06 Yesterday, I got to meet Silas House and listen to him speak during convocation. It was awesome. #

13:06 Waiting on a TA to come talk to me about a little paper I'm writing. My stomach is feeling really weird for some reason. #

14:35 Jessica is on her way! Yaay #

20:34 Just woke up from a pizza come with Jessica. Gonna take us a walk! #

20:36 @coreyylewis Yes, he is! #

22:18 Walked partially in the rain with Jess. Got gummy bears and truffles. It was a productive night. #

23:26 "I am going on the record starting that this is horseshit and you are officially a bitch." #

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15th-Apr-2010 12:05 pm - And she's here! Tweeting! ALIVE!
x. vintage (red girl)

16:28 Omg, can i leave work yet? Agggh! #

18:43 I'm gonna be so busy for the next little bit :\ It scares me. #

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14th-Apr-2010 12:03 pm - And she's here! Tweeting! ALIVE!
x. vintage (red girl)

14:28 Heading over to the gym to walk a few miles :O #

15:37 Feel a lot better ♥ However, I hate the bright sun. Breaking out the SPF 70 soon. #

22:52 Chewy coconut granola bar. dipped in chocolate fudge. Lovely late night snack. Tweets about food are good. #

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13th-Apr-2010 12:05 pm - And she's here! Tweeting! ALIVE!
x. vintage (red girl)

12:58 Paper cut on my hand. Ow. #

00:46 I have had a headache every day since I got back to school. I dunno what the deal is. :\ #

09:13 English was cancelled, so breakfast time. Then nap. #

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12th-Apr-2010 12:11 pm - And she's here! Tweeting! ALIVE!
x. vintage (red girl)

13:34 Reading and writing, writing and reading. #

17:00 @thisbitterpillx What about the ones that wait until marriage to even KISS? #

18:05 @thisbitterpillx I know, right? #

22:48 Feeling very productive today; let's see if I can accomplish one more task? #

22:49 twitpic.com/1f0c5a - Hibachi chicken and shrimp I had during my spring break >:3 #

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11th-Apr-2010 12:03 pm - And she's here! Tweeting! ALIVE!
x. vintage (red girl)

18:40 Had a fun day, but my head is killing me so I'm going to sit in the dark and try to nap dailybooth.com/u/2i962 #

18:46 I have felt so miserable this week :[ I can't stand it #

18:47 How To Tame Your Dragon was still just as cute the second time around ♥ #

01:49 Ran in and back out of the house party here on campus. #

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10th-Apr-2010 12:02 pm - And she's here! Tweeting! ALIVE!
x. vintage (red girl)

23:56 @thisbitterpillx I got it!! Thank you so much for the cute gift :DD #

23:56 Reading Persepolis. I love it! #

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9th-Apr-2010 12:08 pm - And she's here! Tweeting! ALIVE!
x. vintage (red girl)

13:28 Day has become significantly more awesome with my presents from Georgia :3 So much Hello Kitty stuff! #

02:37 @beyourpet oh god, that movie breaks my heart! #

02:37 I'm so hurty and icky right now ;_____; #

02:39 @thisbitterpillx I'm so sorry you have to deal with stupid people! #

11:09 Woke up still feeling sick. Ugh. #

11:09 I have a busy weekend ahead of me. Waah. #

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8th-Apr-2010 12:07 pm - And she's here! Tweeting! ALIVE!
x. vintage (red girl)

20:45 @epixaricacy Yeah, all the students at my school have to have a job on campus #

20:45 Doing all my homework today so I can relax a bit tomorrow :) #

22:08 One day I'm going to be a sexy pin up model and do burlesque and be SEXY AS HELL. #

22:52 'Cause she was hotter than a two dollar pistol. #

22:58 I just told my German homework that I cannot resist Jim Beam. IT IS ENCOURAGING ME TO BE AN ALCOHOLIC! wtf. #

00:37 I need a new filter for my water pitcher. eeeew. #

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7th-Apr-2010 12:07 pm - And she's here! Tweeting! ALIVE!
x. vintage (red girl)

19:24 You are a wonderful creation. You know more than you think you know, just as you know less than you want to know -The Picture of Dorian Gray #

20:04 going to read some shit and then study for a quiz. bwaahh. #

20:04 I hate the heat :[ #

21:38 Just got back from the gym (read: watching cute guys lift weights while I huffed and puffed on a treadmill) #

21:45 I went 1.55 miles though, so hell yeah. #

00:06 Finishing up homework so I can go to beeddd dailybooth.com/u/2gmd5 #

00:13 packing up my backpack with homework and other things to keep me occupied during work tomorrow #

00:18 @epixaricacy The printing place at my college! There is usually long periods of time between jobs where I have nothing to do #

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6th-Apr-2010 12:08 pm - And she's here! Tweeting! ALIVE!
x. vintage (red girl)

16:53 Finally watching the Party Monster movies, years later than I should have. Read the book back in sophomore year f high school. #

16:54 Seth Green talking/laughing like James St. James #

20:10 Done with Party Monster. It was awesome :D #

08:54 Early morning headache. Is it lunch time yet? #

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5th-Apr-2010 12:04 pm - And she's here! Tweeting! ALIVE!
x. vintage (red girl)

13:52 So my 40-something year old brother is getting an easter basket, but I'm not? what the fuck? D: #

13:58 I can't find a Night Fury plush anywhere :[ I hope they still have them at Berea Wal-Mart #

14:18 Watching a show about puppies on Animal Planet. I keep squealing #

01:00 At berea once again! #

01:20 I don't care if people think it's gross, but I love cherry flavored everything. Got me two different kinds of drinks that are cherry #

01:20 I also have two stuffed dragons now. One little one that roars and a big one to sleep with :9 #

01:38 I am so thirsty ;_; #

01:52 Pooh Bear, Hello Kitty, Howard The Cat, my dragon, and my mouse that fell under the bed have to protect me from the scary dark :( #

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